Destined Health & Wellness Massage

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Swedish Relaxation Massage:  A relaxing massage to loosen overall muscles, joints and tendons.  Decrease stress, increase circulation, increase blood flow and lymph fluid movement to nourish all body tissues.  Leaving you feeling refreshed and calm.

Hawaiian Massage:

Lomi Lomi:  Relaxing flowing massage connects upper and lower body with long flow like strokes.  Resolves pain and limited movement within the body with passive stretching techniques.

Hot Stone Massage:  Smooth, heated stones incorporated with relaxing Swedish strokes to deeply warm tight muscles more quickly.  This massage increase circulation, eliminates toxins and reduce pain.

Sports Massage:  Can be pre-performance, post performance, during training, or for rehabilitation.  Benefits include increased blood flow, increased range of motion, increased flexibility, decreased chance of injury, decreased recovery between workouts, decreased muscle spasm, decreased muscle tension, decreased anxiety and overall improvement in mood and well being.  Session adapted based on goals for individual athlete.

Treatment/injury:  Goals on treatment session are made based on each individuals specific needs.  In general goals are to decrease pain, increase mobility, and overall, increase speed of healing. Older injuries may want to break up scar tissue or adhesions, decrease surrounding muscle tension or pain since muscles are guarding "supporting" injured area.

Hot Bamboo Massage /Alternative to Deep tissue

 This wonderful technique promotes a deep sense of well being with long lasting effects.  It's both healing and relaxing while leaving you in a deeper state of relaxation from head to toe.

Smooth heated bamboo massage uses a combo of long and short sticks as an extension of the hands.  Large bamboo is used to stretch large areas of muscle and fascia while, the shorter sticks are used for smaller areas of tension, to release (knots) and trigger points that may be causing pain and/or restricted range of motion.  Swedish massage strokes can be applied with lighter pressure or varying to Deep as necessary.  The warmth of the bamboo holds heat longer than traditional hot stones and allows for deeper penetration of the muscles more quickly.  This unique flowing massage brings a warm soothing approach like hot stone but gives more strength for the ultimate deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:  Release Chronically tight muscles through slower strokes and applies direct deep pressure.  Focuses on specific problem areas to lengthen layers of connective tissue in muscles and fascia.  Decrease scar tissue, in old injuries, increase range of motion and reduce chronic pain.